Our Pricing

€69 Per Page

For €69, you get the PDF copy of the translation sent to your email address.

If you want physical copies, add an additional €49 for the administration and processing of that letter by FastFrench for shipping, handling and postage.

Completely free, no-obligation consultation is included.

What documents fall under our standard pricing?

Driving license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving verification letters, payslips, FBI verification letter, criminal record certificate, proof of employment. Contact us if you have a document that doesn’t fall in one of these categories.

What languages do you translate from?

We currently only support French translations from English. Please send us an email if your original language is not English and we will get back to you with a quote.

How safe is my data?

We are a data fortress. Our platform protects your files and data, keeping it completely secure and confidential for you to order professional translations.

How long do we keep the translations?

We keep the translations in our system for a year. If you need new copies later, we can attest and re-send them to you via email or mail.



Paris, 75014

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